Hedge Fund Interview Questions

What to expect in Hedge Fund Interviews:

1. Behavioral Questions

2. Technical Questions

3. Case Study (Pitching long/short ideas)

There is no formal hiring process for the hedge fund industry.  The growth model for hedge funds is not similar to growth models for investment banking, consulting firms, etc.  Hedge funds typically have no human resources or recruiting teams, so locating the right headhunters is a must.  Interviewing at hedge funds happens all throughout the year.

Behavioral Questions: Hedge Fund interviews are much less structured than other financial services interviews such as investment banking, management consulting, etc.  Typically first round interviews at a hedge fund consists of 2-3 thirty minute interviews with portfolio managers and/or senior analysts.  These interviews are typically behavioral, i.e. walk me through your resume, tell me about yourself.

Technical Questions: Hedge fund technical questions generally are the same questions investment bankers receive but probably a bit more accounting focused.  Candidates should know the technical questions inside and out.

Hedge Fund Case Study: Hedge Funds want to accomplish one thing– Making Money.  Understanding how to pitch both long & short investments is the MOST IMPORTANT skill to have.  I can’t stress this enough, this is your entire job.  In the Hedge fund Interview Guide, our team outlines several detailed case studies. Review as many hedge fund case studies as you can.

We have several real-life case studies on the site:

  • Health Care Case Study
  • Retail Case Study
  • Financials Case Study