Not your average Hedge Fund Resume

An average Hedge Fund resume shows a strong pedigree and track record, so if you didn’t go to an Ivy League school, and you didn’t work for Goldman Sachs, you need to make your resume jumps off the page and says, “I can think outside of the box, and I can make you money!” Hedge fund managers really just want to know how much you can make for them, so that’s what you have to demonstrate.  You can do this by showing them you are creative and have a knack for digging up facts.  An ideal job that would fit this description is an investigative journalist, so think about how you can make yourself sound like a detective. Think about jobs you have done and relate them to this skill set.

Here is an example:

Accountant, XYZ Corporation: Increased Company profits by 5% by finding and eliminating duplicate expenses.

A typical accounting description would likely talk about balancing a budget and making journal entries, but this example shows you don’t think like an accountant– you think like an hedge fund analyst.

Management Consultant, ABC LLC: Uncovered a competitor’s plan to steal ABC’s top 10 clients and implemented a plan that led to the company’s keeping all 10 of its clients

This example shows you are an aggressive person and a person of action, willing to do what it takes. Nobody cares that you reorganized some company’s organizational chart. Your hedge fund resume must show you are different.

Show you have courage.  Using words like “uncovered” will send a message that you are good at research. You need your resume to say, “I am Sherlock Homes Jr.”  Just saying you are detail-oriented is not enough; you have to show them.  Sherlock Holmes said, “The little details are by far the most important,” so use your Hedge Fund resume to show the world how your attention to detail led to a money- making opportunity.