Getting a Private Equity Job

Ok – so you really want to break into private equity: you’re at a great school or working in banking and you think you’re a shoe end…wrong.  Getting a private equity job can be one of the hardest jobs to get: you’re competing with the best of the best and you’ll need every piece of advice you can get.

As an investment banker in NYC, there was a lack of quality investment banking interview preparation material available when I was going through the recruitment and interview process.  Online sources were both too general and contained “wordy” material that explained big picture what I needed to do to prepare for the process.  Using my friends as resources were great but it was a dog eat dog world and nobody seemed to want to share much information on their “proprietary” knowledge (aka going through 20 interviews and not getting anything).

The available information showed me the steps in getting an interview and what the steps are towards an offer. However, how do I get from round one to the final offer? I needed to hone my technical skills that my resume says I have and ace the technical questions and modeling test that were going to be a key to the receiving an offer.

As I went through the investment banking interview process during and after completing my undergraduate degree, I was very proficient in the behavioral and simple technical part of the process. Compared to a typical investment banking interview, many would agree that a private equity interview is an investment banking interview on “steroids”. As I began to explore various private equity opportunities after completing my first full year as an investment banking analyst at a top-tier bulge-bracket investment bank, I realized that I needed to hone my technical knowledge regarding accounting and investment banking topics and typical private equity case study scenarios.

The Street of Walls Private Equity Packet is designed to help you  create a significant edge against your competition of other well qualified investment banking candidates who may look great on paper but who do not prepare correctly and make that one mistake in the interview process that will help you take their place and land that dream job!