PE Interview: thank you email

After you have aced the private equity interviews, you will need to send a “thank you” email to all the interviewers you met with during each stage of the interview process. I usually wait a while before sending the “thank you” email to the interviewers. For example, if a candidate was interviewing with a private equity firm on Monday from 10am to 3pm, I would wait until the following morning to send out “thank you” emails. In this way, the interviewers will not lose the email overnight and they will most likely be at their desk when they receive it in the morning. The email should be simple and clean, with a remark that makes it personal to each interviewer. Here is an example of a good “thank you” email:

[Enter Name],

Thank you for taking time to meet with me yesterday to discuss the private equity position at [Enter Firm Name]. Based on our conversation, I’m even more excited about this opportunity and I believe I’d be a great fit for the role. Your description of the position was very helpful, and I’m eager for the chance to take the practical skills I’ve developed thus far and apply them here while getting a chance to learn more about the private equity business.

In particular, I was interested to hear about the structure and success of [Enter Firm Name]. I wish you the best of luck with the new fund.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me by phone or via email.

Thank you,

[Candidate Name]