Private Equity Associate: Get Promoted

Pre-MBA Private Equity Associates and Post-MBA Senior Associates need to demonstrate certain investor characteristics that show the senior partner of the PE firm that they are ready to take their career to the next level. These senior partners will be looking for, but not limited to, the following characteristics:

1. Awareness of Business Success: You need to be able to identify a successful management team or business model

2. Origination and Execution of Transactions: Being able to source and execute on potential transactions that will “move the needle” for the PE fund. This includes industry & company selection, deal structuring, documentation,  PE-related value-added strategies for the business and exit strategies.

3. Conducting Critical Diligence: Being able to interview the target company’s management team and ask the right questions about the business is key to making successful investments.

4. Leveraging Past & Current Networks: Being able to build successful relationships with deal sources, co-investors, bank lenders, competitive colleagues and industry experts to build new management teams for your fund’s portfolio companies.

5. Building Strong Relationships: With your fund’s investment team, portfolio companies’ management teams and senior partners of your firm.