Private Equity Interview: Etiquette & Tips

When you step into the office for your private equity interview, make sure to follow these key basic tips of advice:

–          Arrive five to ten minutes early and turn off your cell phone

–          First Impression: Make sure to dress the part and look sharp (make sure you have had a haircut recently, for example)

–          Make sure to know as much as possible about the firm you are interviewing with

–          Have well- prepared answers to these questions: “Tell me about yourself”;, “What are your strengths and weaknesses”; “Name a time you were challenged at work and how you overcame it” ; “Why private equity?”

–          Make sure to have proper body language: Don’t bite your nails, don’t play with your hands, make eye contact and look alert, smile and always look excited to be there!

–          Make sure to have prepared questions for the interviewers

–          Always have a firm handshake, smile and keep eye contact during the “goodbye” or last impressions of the interview

–          Make sure to get the interviewer’s business card or contact information and say something in the words of “Can I get your business card or contact information, and would it be OK to contact you with any further questions I may have about the opportunity?”

–          If asked what other opportunities or interviews are you considering at this time, make sure to focus on a few select private equity opportunities. Do not say you are also interviewing at venture capital firms and hedge funds. You should let them know you are serious about a private equity opportunity