Private Equity Interviewing Tips

Preparing for the private equity interview process is not as straight forward as you would think. Now that you think you are an ace at interviews from previous experience interviewing for investment banking and consulting programs, you will have to learn the private equity process using your previous experience as the foundation. Here are a few basic interview tips as you begin to prepare before reaching out to recruiters or headhunters and sending your resume directly to PE firms.

Build a resume that fits the private equity mold with a concentration on your current work experience (ibanking / consulting deal transactions are important)

Interviews will take various forms depending on where you are on in the process

  • In a typical process, you will go through a number of interviews that will gauge your analytical skills, understanding of the market, personality and deal experience

Know your story

  • Where are you from, why you chose your college, why you chose your current job

Learn your transaction / work experience inside and out

  • Financials, growth rates, multiples paid, investment thesis, alternative opportunities
  • Focus on M&A experience and also know all types of transactions on your resume

Be prepared for detailed analytical questions as well as brainteasers

  • Modeling tests range from 4-hour computer-based tests to paper LBO
  • Be able to talk through the stages and drivers of an LBO

Know about the Fund you are interviewing with inside and out

  • Have a solid reason why the Fund is right for you
  • Does the industry interest you?
  • Are you interested in working for smaller or larger deal teams?
  • Do you want to participate in club deals or proprietary deals?