Private Equity Questions to Ask

During the interview process, you will have the opportunity to ask the interviewers a few questions that will show them how interested and focused you are in receiving a job offer.  A few examples of questions to ask a junior member of the private equity firm include the following:

–          Can you elaborate on the typical day-to-day activities and responsibilities for this position?

–          How did you get interested in private equity?

–          What did you take into consideration when you decided to choose an opportunity with this firm?

–          What is one thing you like about working at X firm and what is one thing you thing you would improve about X firm? (this question shows that you are trying to get more insight into the reality of working at a specific firm)

A few examples of questions to ask a senior member of the private equity firm include these:

–          Can you elaborate on your past successes that have led you to this firm?

–          What are the key characteristics that you expect from an individual that will be selected for this position?

–          In brief, what are the company’s long-term goals?

–          Is there opportunity for associate to build his or her career at this firm over the medium to long-term?

The questions you ask should be selected carefully so that you receive the maximum amount of information about the job opportunity.  This information will help you select the right firm for your background and personality. You will want to make sure you work with a group of people that you can get along with and will enjoy working together with as part of the investment team.  You will be spending a lot of time with this group and making the right firm selection is critical.