Private Equity Questions for Firm

Private Equity interview candidates will be expected to know about the Private Equity firm they are interviewing with during the interview process. Interview candidates should make sure to have answers to the following firm specific questions before attending any interview:

–          What is the PE firm’s investment strategy? (e.g. size, geography, industry, type of control, primary/secondary, minimum operating results and timing)

–          What would be a potential “associate” role? Is sourcing involved?

–          What is the firm’s hierarchy? Fund investment structure? Investment Committee structure?

–          Is there direct promotion or acceptance of a MBA? Where have past Associates gone?

–          How has their funds performed? Typical IRR on previous funds?

–          Where is the firm with respect to % invested in their current fund(s)? Plans for future fund-raising?

These select questions should be answered by viewing publicly available information on the private equity firm’s website or asking the headhunter that introduces you to the opportunity.