How to Write a Private Equity Resume

An important initial step at landing a private equity job is putting together an excellent resume that catches the eye of both recruiters and private equity firms. Most people think they have a great resume, and many do, but headhunters are looking for a very particular style. Your resume should focus on your most recent work experience, such as your daily duties and responsibilities as an investment banking or consulting analyst. You will also need to describe two to three transactions or projects you have worked on.

These are very important and will be the focus of the first round of the interview process and for resume selection. Do not worry whether the transactions listed have closed or were terminated. Just make sure you know everything about the transaction and how it was a worthwhile learning experience.

Here is a fictional example of the “work experience” section of the resume:

Previous internships and other work experience should be condensed with the major focus on your current experience. Then you can have sections for education and personal information. Personal section can include any certifications you have, languages you can speak and personal interests such as “Reading, Fishing and Soccer” as an example.

And another critical part of the resume is to make sure there are NO mistakes or typos. Investment bankers and consultants are supposed to have great “attention-to-detail”; therefore, make sure to have a spotless resume and have someone proofread.