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The first step toward landing a hedge fund job is putting together an excellent resume that catches the eye of both headhunters and portfolio managers. Most people believe that they have a good resume—and many do—but hedge fund recruiters are generally looking for a very particular style. If you want to know what they want to see, check out Street of Walls’ resume-specific products. Without the right resume, it doesn’t matter how smart or how hard-working you are—you likely won’t get in the door.

Criteria Hedge Funds Look For:

Quantitative & Analytical Ability: Critical component of a HF resume, and fundamental to your success as an analyst, especially during first few years. Expect to be tested for analytics during your interview. Have you…

  • Filtered through data and assumptions, and identified reasonable responses to complex problems?
  • Synthesized large amounts of information and identified issues?
  • Identified a problem and taken a proactive approach to solving it?
  • Done well in courses with heavy analytical and quantitative content?
  • Performed experiments that required the formulation of a hypothesis and collection of evidence to prove or disprove it?
Drive for Results: Firms want to know whether you have the initiative, motivation, attention to detail, and energy to deliver strong results. Start tracking and measuring your achievements. When you interview, you will need to discuss your accomplishments quantitatively and qualitatively. Have you…

  • Brought new customers and revenue into your company?
  • Acted as a self-starter who goes above and beyond requirements?
  • Shown the ability to switch priorities and move quickly among different tasks?
  • Set a challenging goal and achieved it?
  • Attended to the details while juggling multiple tasks (that is, you didn’t let things fall through the cracks)?
  • Taken an innovative and efficient approach in getting something done?
Communication Skills: The ability to write and speak well suggests that you will be successful working with clients, colleagues, outside analysts, and company personnel. Have you…

  • Presented in front of classes, teams, and organizations?
  • Written successful papers, memos, and speeches?
  • Worked effectively with clients to understand their needs?
  • Articulated ideas in a clear and thorough manner?
Teamwork Skills: Teaming with clients and peers is a critical assignment. Have you…

  • Been a member of a sports team, study group, or committee?
  • Worked effectively with people whose work style differs from yours?
  • Inspired others to take action in an unstructured situation?
  • Taken on the role of a team leader or player as needed?
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