of Hedge Fund Training

As former Hedge Fund analysts, Street of Walls team members have found a lack of available quality information in terms of hedge fund interview preparation material. The few online resources previously out there were both too general and also contained useless material that explained nothing actually needed to land a hedge fund job. This training program is designed to allow current hedge fund candidates to gain a significant edge in the recruiting process.

Working for a hedge fund can be one of the most exciting and intellectually stimulating jobs out there, but the competition is fierce and the stakes are high, so as an applicant, you need to be prepared. You should read this entire packet, but spend most of your time understanding the case studies. You need to know how to pitch a stock— and forget everything you think you know, because it is unlikely the way things really work. Practice the case studies and read as much as possible, because no one wants to get to the third round and then blow it because they can’t pitch a stock. We offer two case studies in this packet (and one smaller case study), but you should also check out the other case studies we have on the site. Do as many practice case studies as you can—you need to get comfortable with all the different types of pitches.

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