of Private Equity Training

This Street of Walls Private Equity training program is designed to help candidates like you land the Private Equity jobs you seek. The program offers you the tools you need to gain a necessary edge over other private equity candidates in the recruiting process.

Most would agree that, compared with a typical investment-banking interview, an interview for a private equity pre-MBA associate position is the equivalent of an investment banking interview “on steroids.” Private equity positions can be among the most intense, highly rewarding jobs you can have, but the expectations in terms of your work output are just as extreme, and the recruiting landscape is highly competitive.

For individuals seeking private equity jobs, there is quite simply a lack of quality interview preparation material available. Online sources and books are both too general and too wordy. They discuss how to get an interview and how to secure an offer at a very high level, without much necessary detail on the numerous steps in between.

This training guide is intended to fix that. These details—especially on technical skills and how to ace the private equity case studies and modeling tests—are a key factor in receiving an offer, and that’s the inside information you’ll receive in this guide. Read and study this entire training guide. Learn the ins and outs of the industry. You’ll be set apart by your knowledge and ability to thoroughly analyze an investment opportunity. We offer specific case studies and walk you through the crucial facts and tips about the industry and job. In addition, there are more practice case studies available on the website.

Good luck and we wish you the best in your private equity interviewing efforts!

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