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Quant Interview Training Overview

Are you interested in learning more about Quantitative (Quant) Hedge Funds and how to find and prepare for job opportunities in the field? Perhaps you are preparing for an interview at a Quant Hedge Fund and have no idea of what to expect?  Street of Walls has teamed up with top industry experts in Quantitative Hedge Funds to bring you an in-depth interview training program.  This guide is your starting point to an overview of the Quant Hedge Fund space, including key definitions, terms, and firms you should be familiar with. We will teach you the skills and techniques you need to know in order to get an interview, excel in the interview, and secure your job offer.

It should be noted that there are many other Quantitative roles on Wall Street—in other words, not just in Hedge Funds. We will cover those too, so if you are interested in Quantitative roles outside of Hedge Funds, this training course is still the right place for you.

Why Do I Need to Read This?

The number of Quant Hedge Funds has exploded in the past 10-15 years, and getting a job at one of them is extremely competitive across the board. If you are fortunate enough to land an interview, many wrong turns during the interview may lead your resume directly back in the “No” pile.  The Street of Walls training program is designed to help ensure that won’t happen, walking you through the 9 main topics you need to be familiar with to learn about the industry, find job opportunities, and secure your job offer.

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